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At ADNIL, we pride ourselves on offering our clients responsive, competent and excellent service. Our clients are the most important part of our business, and we work tirelessly to ensure your complete satisfaction.

If you need international staff for a seasonal business but are troubled by the maze of federal requirements, we can help. As a client of Adnil Services, you are personally guided through the process of recruiting, step by step, by a skilled and knowledgeable team.

You may provide your own workers or choose from our roster of hundreds of carefully selected men and woman from around the world who are eager to work at your hard-to-fill, seasonal jobs. When you can not meet your needs with qualified American workers, let us bring the world to you.

Adnil Services prides itself on being able to navigate the maze of immigration bureaucracy. We will co-ordinate what can be a complicated and time-consuming process for you.
We look forward to helping you achieve your Labor Placement goals.



• Recruit and place seasonal workers in the USA
• Coordinate visa applications
• Coordinate travel arrangements
• Coordinate accommodations
• Provide general support to our Clients
• Provide site visits
• Provide the H2B with the option to purchase medical insurance
• Opportunity to join us on an overseas recruitment trip to select your employees as available

Countries that we recruit from:
• Belize
• Costa Rica
• Jamaica
• Mexico
• South Africa *
• Thailand*
• Philippines*
• Romania*
• Serbia*
Please note: If interested, there are other countries on the approved list by USCIS which we would be more than happy to recruit from.

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