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H-2B Seasonal Employee Program

Program Regulations

H-2B employees must meet a specific temporary client need of not less than 4 months and not more than 10 months. Temporary employment needs include:

Employees must receive full-time hours (per company policy, minimum 32 hours/week) and the prevailing hourly wage that is set by the USDOL and reflects the average wage rate being paid to U.S. employees in the same industry, position and region.

No job placement fee or other compensation may be collected at any time, including before or after the filing of approval of the petition, from an H-2B participant by an employer, agency, facilitator, recruiter (in the U.S. or overseas), or employment service as a condition of approval of an H-2B visa, or as a condition of an offer, or condition of H-2B employment.

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Special H-2B Visa In-Country Employee Program

Over the past several years, Adnil Services has developed an extensive network of H-2B visa holders who can extend their visas for up to three consecutive years without leaving the U.S. This allows employers to build and retain an experienced international workforce.

We work closely with these employees to help them stay in the U.S. legally by extending their H-2B visas to other employers during your company’s off-peak periods. For example, H-2B visa employees may work for one company in the winter and another in the summer, traveling back and forth each year for 3 years.

If you currently have H-2B employees interested in extending their visas after completion of their current positions, you may have them contact us. We will be happy to mail you printed materials about this program to post in your employee's work areas.